Thursday, May 18, 2017

I miss blogging

So I was just looking up a few of the blogs I used to obsess over when I first discovered the "blogsphere" in 2012, and to my dismay, the majority of them haven't posted in years. Everyone who used to blog is either MIA or on YouTube now. I mean, I get that if you wanna reach a larger audience YouTube is the way to go, but no matter how outdated blogs get, they will always have a special place in my heart-- which is pretty much why I'm here, in 2017, trying to revive mine.

I guess I'll take this time to introduce myself since I deleted all of my old posts. Hmmmm let's see... I just turned eighteen in March and will be a freshman in college this upcoming fall. I'm currently planning to major in Biology and eventually go into medicine, but who knows, maybe I'll change my mind in couple of years and decide to become a professional garbage man instead AHAHA haha.... hahaha... ha.

I've actually been taking college courses through a high school program called Running Start for the last two years, so while I'm not particularly worried about the workload, it will be my first time living away from home (which knowing me, will take a lot of getting used to ;-;) I'm also in an LDR with my bf, so figuring out how we're going to Skype while I'm sharing a dorm room with someone I barely even know is currently high on my list of things to stress about.

But anyways, back to the blog. At this point I'm not 100% sure where I want it to go. This could end up being a beauty blog, a book blog, a blog where I rant and ramble about nonsense no one particularly cares about but me (which is pretty much what I'm doing right now.) But no matter what it ends up being, at the end of the day, this blog is for me. So whether I post everyday or every decade, I wanna keep it going, if only to remember how boring and unpopular I was ten or twenty years from now :'))